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From The Founder

I decided to begin with JobRack after having negative experience with outsourcing to most popular destinations such as India and Philippines. Whilst it’s possible to find someone from these countries at a lower price, people wouldn’t show up for job, or some would commit to finish everything and fail to do so. As a result, we lost a lot of time and money, and decided to move closer to home – to Eastern Europe.

Till date I have hired over 15 employees from Eastern Europe – all have been impeccably skilled and punctual with deadlines – meaning that all our projects now hit their deadlines.

Post a job, or if you are from Eastern Europe, find one. I am confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by quality you see on JobRack.

Neil Napier
Founder and CEO
Neil (at) jobrack (dot) eu

How It Works?

The process is simple. You can log in here, get a subscription plan and post your job. Depending on the plan you get – your job will stay active for 30-60 days. On our part, here’s what we do to get you candidates:

  • Advice you on your job post
  • Go through our JobRack database to find some great candidates
  • Run paid ads to get more eyeballs on your job post
  • (Concierge service) We’ll help you on every step of the hiring process.

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Check out what our customers are saying:

“JobRack.eu is super easy to use and we found a high quality developer to add to our team within a few days of posting an ad. I highly recommend them.”
Andy Fletcher

“We found a couple of great applicants through JobRack. I was surprised that we even got a couple qualified applications from assistants who are fluent in German which is quite important for
our business.”

Raffael Schulz

“"I recommend hiring with JobRack because there is less spam applicants and the
overall quality is higher.”

Martijn Reintjes

“I definitely do recommend jobrack.eu to my friends because I love the fact that you go out and find qualified new applicants for me. I have hired 3 people from jobrack and found it to be incredibly useful in helping to grow my agency with the right people.”
Kiri Masters

“Jobrack is very easy to use and we got a flood of good candidates very quickly.”

“JobRack is the only Eastern European freelancer site available.”
Hollie Simone

“I had hired someone in the UK for 10 hours a week, and was very dissatisfied. I put a job ad on Jobrack and got 15 applications in 10 days. I hired someone from Croatia to work full time for $800/ month. He’s an amazing find - great English, hard-working, very clever and determined. I can thoroughly recommend Jobrack for your next hire.”
John Ainsworth